Lucknow Public Schools and Colleges


# Name Designation
1 Mrs. Kanti Singh Chairman
2 Shri. Surya Kumar Deputy Chairman
3 Dr. S. P. Singh General Secretary
4 Shri. Amitabh Chakraboty Vice Minister
5 Ms. Neha Singh Treasurer
6 Mrs. Ruchi Shukla Member
7 Mrs. Asha Verma Member
8 Mr. Harshit Singh Member
9 Mr. Prabhod Kumar Member
10 Ms. Garima Singh Member (General Assembly)
11 Mr. Triloki Nath Member (General Assembly)
12 Mr. Sushil Kumar Member (General Assembly)
13 Mr. Shikhar Pal Member (General Assembly)
14 Dr. Anirudh Verma Member (General Assembly)


I have been working in this esteemed institution for the last 11 years. They are my fruitful & cherished years which has enriched my life in all fronts. I have earlier worked in four reputed schools of Lucknow, Aligarh & Delhi. My total years of spreading the light of literacy & imparting quality education to impressionable minds has spanned to 19 years. I am extremely enamoured by the vision & mission of Dr. S.P. Singh, an educationist of great repute. The personas who have touched every aspect of my life & have taught me many valuable lessons are my Students, Staff & the scrupulous principles of my Respected Principal Ms. Meena Tangri who is dedicated, devoted, determined & dutiful. She is also an epitome of dignity, decorum, discipline & the one who loves perfection. I am immensely indebted & grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to disseminate my services in this institution.